Pizza Punks Collection

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Dive deep into the world of cheese-loving, crust-craving, sauce-savouring punks with Dakwäkãda Warriors author Cole Pauls. Originally published in Lucky’s Comics newspaper, “DUNK”, Pizza Punks pushes the limits of pizza devotion by exploring just how far an extremely dedicated punk might go to attain the cheesiest of pies. Backpack pizza? Sure. Couch pizza? Absolutely. Even Mosh pizza isn’t off-limits. Pineapple pizza, though? That’s a little more controversial.

This graphic novel collects Pizza Punks 1 – 4 plus a hot n fresh 5th issue, drawn just for this collection! Plus pin-ups by Kirsten Hatfield, Joel Rich, Brian Fukushima, Owen Plummer, Kathleen Gros, Simon Roy, Nathan Jones, Becca Tobin & Katie So.

Collection published by Conundrum Press

All orders come with a free back issue of DUNK, while supplies last!

ISBN: 978-1-77262-053-5
144 pages, 5 ×8 inches
b/w on orange paper, trade paper
April 2021